Day Before Hurricane Irma - Magic Kingdom - Walt Disney World - Florida

Day Before Hurricane Irma - Magic Kingdom - Walt Disney World - Florida from Youtube by BigFatPanda, 28,776 views

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Twas the Night Before Irma in the Magic Kingdom. The Media, perhaps rightfully so, has scared the heck out of us Floridians this week with impending Hurricane Irma. As of this typing, we have no real idea what to expect as the track and forecast has varied between not so bad to catastrophic and back again several times. Disney Theme Parks are Closed Sunday Sept 10, 2017 and Monday Sept 11, 2017. They were open until 9PM on Sept 9,2017. The cast was there whether any guests went or not - and all that I came in contact with were happy to be at their very best rather than allow boredom to set in. The Disney Cast has always been stellar and classy - today was no exception. The parks were magical and the crowds were the lowest I had ever experienced. It felt like a private party. God Bless us all through Hurricane Irma and lets hope we don't get hit too hard. Enjoy! Magical Vacation Planner is the exclusive partner of & The Big Fat Panda Show. Your Magical Vacation Planner will customize your vacation package to fit your needs. "Experience the Magic, let us do the planning" Call 407-442-3105 or Go to to request your free Magical Vacation Quote! SUBSCRIBE for more Disney Videos at: